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New Zealand Delphi User Group

The New Zealand Delphi User Group was established in 1995 when Borland first released Delphi to the Public. It has continued to run from that date, when there where frequent meetings held every week, to the current time where activity is primarily online using our Mailman Mailing List.

Mailing List

Our Mailman Mailing List Server provides access the the best Delphi brains in New Zealand, and a few from overseas as well.

If you need help please join this list and get help. There as a few rules, but click on the link below to find out more.


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Past messages are stored on the List Server and can be accessed here:

NZ Delphi List Archives



While the User Group dos not have a formal meeting structure, Embarcadero Staff make regular visits to New Zealand, and provide free training to any Delphi User.

Meeting announcements are made on the Mailing List on and on this Site.

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Training & Consultancy

If you wish to get help in a more formal context, this is available through a group of expert Delphi practitioners.


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Embarcadero Developer Network

EDN is the international community site for developers where you can access, leverage and contribute valuable information and knowledge at any time. The knowledge, systems, and membership that are EDN exist to enhance the effectiveness of your day-to-day job performance, enrich the career of anyone involved in systems development and management, and extend the breadth and depth of our industry.

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Training Videos

LearnDelphi.tv is the Internet’s premier site for instructional video on using Delphi. Created by our own Alister Christie, this site provides a combination of free and pay for training resources.


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The Home of Delphi, XE and many Database Tools


Our Aussie counterparts.


More Resources …

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