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Delphi is easy to learn, and a good first language.

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Alister Christie

Alister Christie has been programming in Delphi since 1999, building and maintaining applications for the real estate, banking, racing, and legal industries here in New Zealand. In these roles, he has also used other technologies such a C#, Ruby on Rails, Android/Java, but Delphi is his preferred environment.

Alister loves to teach, and has also held training seminars on coding for his teammates, user training for clients, as well as producing the content found here. Most of his free videos also appear on YouTube, as at January 2020 have over 1.58 million views and around seven thousand subscribers.

Training Websites

Delphi Instructional Videos

Through a series of step-by-step instructional tutorials, Paweł Głowacki, veteran Delphi trainer, guides you to a deeper understanding of the powerful technologies in Delphi. You will gain the solid foundation of knowledge upon which to unleash your creative genius.

Learn Delphi Bootcamp

The 10 hour free bootcamp features an introduction to the Delphi IDE and how to build your first app, getting to know the Delphi language, building effective user interfaces with FireMonkey, game development with Delphi, and starting with mobile and database development.

Delphi Video Series

This video Delphi Video series covers the Delphi programming language step-by-step, focusing on the use of Object Pascal in object-oriented programming (OOP) with Delphi (Delphi OOP) .

Knowledge Academy

This Introduction to Delphi Programming training course is designed to provide knowledge about the basics of Delphi programming language. Delegates will learn about programs and units as well as about namespaces with Delphi. They will get an understanding of data types, variables, and constants. In addition, delegates will become familiarised with all the calling procedures and functions in Delphi programming.

Resource Websites

Marco Cantu

Since November 2012, I’m working at Embarcadero (now part of Idera, Inc) as Delphi and RAD Studio Product Manager. I’m helping shaping the product and keeping it up to date and relevant in today’s landscape.


Learn how to design, develop and test application using Delphi. This guide covers the fundamental elements of creating Windows applications using Delphi, including the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and the Object Pascal language.

Delphi Wiki

The Delphi Wiki is a central repository for information, documentation and code examples about the Delphi/Object Pascal language. The wiki currently has 2,928 articles.

Delphi Basics

This web site provides help and reference for the fundamentals of the Delphi© language. It gives an introduction to the Delphi Object Oriented Language for newcomers, and provides a ready reference for experienced programmers.



By Marco Cantu

The Complete Guide to the Object Pascal language. Ebook available via Embarcadero Technologies and printed version on sale at Amazon.com and other locations. More information at:
– The book page at www.marcocantu.com/objectpascalhandbook
– The Facebook page at www.facebook.com/objectpascalhandbook

Before this book on the language, I wrote and self-published a few Delphi Handbooks and before that I wrote the Mastering Delphi series. See also my Books page

Code Faster in Delphi

By Alister Christe

This book will make you a faster Delphi developer, it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, or have been using Delphi since version 1, you will find all sorts of tips, tricks and hacks to boost your productivity.

Delphi in a Nutshell

By Ray Lischner

Its is quite old, but it’s a good reference to start with.

Delphi XE Starter Essentials

By Bob Swart (aka Dr Bob)

Delphi XE Development Essentials contains almost 154 pages (5 chapters) on the starter version of Delphi XE. Covering the IDE, Language Enhancements since Delphi 7, RTL and VCL Enhancements, Unicode, and the Subversion integration into the IDE. 

More from Dr Bob

By Bob Swart (aka Dr Bob)

Bob Swart (aka Dr.Bob – www.drbob42.com) of Bob Swart Training & Consultancy is based in The Netherlands, and offers Delphi training, consultancy and private workshops, courseware manuals (for self-study), and development using Delphi for Windows or Mac OS X, and is an Embarcadero reseller for the Eurozone and UK.

The Little Book Of Delphi Programming

By Huw Collingbourne 

Huw has programmed in Delphi for over 25 years. For over ten years he was the Delphi columnist for PC Plus Magazine in the UK. In this book, he explains how to design desktop applications and program in Delphi’s Object Pascal language. All the source code is available for free download so you can get started with Delphi programming straight away.

Mastering Delphi Programming

By Primož Gabrijelčič

Use structural, behavioral, and concurrent patterns in Delphi to skillfully develop applications

  • Delve into the core patterns and components of Delphi to enhance your application’s design
  • Learn how to select the right patterns to improve your program’s efficiency and productivity
  • Discover how parallel programming and memory management can optimize your code

Delphi Programming Projects

By William Duarte

With the help of seven practical projects, this book will guide you through the best practices, Delphi Run-Time Library (RTL) resources, and design patterns. Whether you use the Visual Component Library (VCL) or FireMonkey (FMX) framework, these design patterns will be implemented in the same way in Delphi, using Object Pascal.

Expert Delphi

By Pawel Glowacki

The book begins with a basic primer on Delphi helping you get accustomed to the IDE and the Object Pascal language and will then quickly move on to advanced-level concepts. Through this book, we’ll help you understand the architecture of applications and will teach you the important concepts of the FireMonkey library, show you how to build server-side services, and enable you to interact with the Internet of Things. Towards the end, you will learn to integrate your app with various web services and deploy them.

Coding in Delphi

By Nick Hodges

Coding in Delphi is a new programming book by Nick Hodges that covers a variety of powerful Delphi programming features and techniques including Generics, Interfaces, Exception, Handling, Anonymous Methods, Collections, RTTI, Enumerators, Attributes, Dependency Injection and Unit Testing

Hands-On RESTful API

By Harihara Subramanian

This book deals with the Representational State Transfer (REST) paradigm, which is an architectural style that allows networked devices to communicate with each other over the internet. With the help of this book, you’ll explore the concepts of service-oriented architecture (SOA), event-driven architecture (EDA), and resource-oriented architecture (ROA).

Delphi Cookbook

By Daniele Spinetti

Delphi Cookbook begins with the basics of Delphi and gets you acquainted with JSON format strings, XSLT transformations, Unicode encodings, and various types of streams. By the end of the book, you will have become proficient in Delphi by exploring its different aspects such as building cross-platforms and mobile applications, designing server-side programs, and integrating these programs with IoT.